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In 2001, Hasrizal secured his Bachelor of Sharia (Honours) from Mu’tah University in Jordan, consistently fortifying his knowledge in education. His intellectual journey received a significant boost during his specialised training in learning, education, and technology in Oulu, Finland. Now, he is the Director of Education at the Khalifah Education Foundation in Malaysia, the institution behind the Khalifah Model Schools. Between 2018 and 2019, his expertise gained national recognition, earning him a significant role in the National Education Policy Review Committee (JKDPN) appointed by the Malaysian Ministry of Education. While he faced challenges, evidenced by five uncompleted theses, his commitment to knowledge dissemination remains unshaken, with an impressive tally of 28 published books. For Hasrizal, ADHD is not just an explanation but also his “secret superpower”, propelling his entrepreneurial endeavours and converting potential obstacles into notable assets.

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